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Art Repair : Restoration specialists
In many cases restore the art object is made of various materials.
Occasionally, a Chinese porcelain vase has a carved wooden plinth.
Wood, metals, gold, paint, glass and porcelain are different areas of work. The catering professionals, we always maintain traditional methods and procedures and craft together employ specific techniques that will make any piece is restored in its entirety.

Art Repair & Restoration of porcelain:
Unlike metals or ceramics furniture have the advantage of not being altered in time. It's easy to keep a ceramic or porcelain if they are in good condition.
Rather have the drawback of its fragility. Unfortunately in a second you can lose a piece, being completely fragmented, whether porcelain, earthenware, stoneware, terracotta, etc..

The processes of restoration of porcelain and ceramics are trying to solve common problems in these parts: Breaks, cracks, stains, chipped edges, wear and tear, or lost somewhere.
After studying the piece organoleptic passes into practical and specific intervention appropriate to their status. Clean, internal consolidation and external linking fragments, reinstatement of lost support, placement of metal pins for more durbilidad and chromatic reintegration of decoration. As a result we obtain a restoration process invisible to the eye and recovered from the original aesthetics of the object, maintaining its old.

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