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During the registration the user will provide us with his contact information. This information is used to contact the user about the services requested, documentation shipments: Estimates, Invoice and others. Advertising or offers of our Studio.

To remove your information from our database please contact Doctor Arts Inc.


Warranty repairs.

For any defect in the restoration, contact us at Doctor Arts Studio at (305) 479 6826 or send an email to:

Our guarantee:

- Standard Restoration: it is 1 month from the delivery date.

Change of color or detached parts in the repair area

- Best Quality Restoration: 1 year from the date of delivery.

Change of color, detachment of the Glace or detached parts in the repair area.

-. The guarantee is void when the item is sold or given to another person.

-. The guarantee is null when the item is damaged outside of our Studio. by collecting or Shipping.

- Doctor Arts Inc. assumes no responsibility for condition problems once the items have been out of your care, custody and control, however should a problem arise, contact us for assistance.

- All restorations must be of excellent quality but not 100% invisible to the eyes.

- The colors in the restoration, always have different tonalities to the original. This is to differentiate from the damaged sectors and not to deceive potential buyers.

- Every piece of Art broken the restoration must be visible.

- We do not refund money for any work.

- We do not provide time for completion of work.

- The restoring time of Art. It varies depending on the work and many factors.

- For this reason we never give or promise completion times.

- A job can take from 1 week to 1 year or more.

- If you collect the work by the following reasons:

- Withdraw the work before the end time.

- The time of work and finished of his work is more than agreed.

- Color tone is different from the original. (remember that we do not replicate or copy original colors of the works)

- Restoration is not invisible to the eyes.

- Replicas of missing parts. (remember that they can not be same to the original)

Lose all rights of claims and guarantees.-

- When finishing the restoration you will not get the piece of Art as new, if in perfect conditions. Remember that it is a restored piece.



For an estimate of a piece that has been restored.

Doctor Arts Inc. examines your damages without removing the old restoring or if it is necessary to remove bad repairs or disassemble the piece to observe the damage. This work is an additional cost that must be paid Accept or Do not accept the quote.

-. Doctor Arts is not responsible for any damage incurred in these processes.

-. We do not attach or paint the removed parts to observe the damage if the estimate is not accepted.

-. Estimates are for labor only, material additional.

-. The restorer may not be held responsible for any damages made to the items due to loss, fire, theft, testing, hurricane, twister, natural disasters or any other causes beyond our control.


-. Complete the restoration of the piece, you have a period of 30 days to make payment and removed. Last date will be charged 1.5% daily.

-. If you don't withdraw your peace within 30 days, you will lose all rights to your property.

-. Completed and delivered you pieces. Any damage or problem caused beyond our Studio. We are not responsible.

-. You have a period of 1 hour to cancel the repair. Otherwise, we will not refund your deposit, and to withdraw its piece to pay for the work done to date.

-. For insurance purposes: full documentation including damage assessment and restoration’s estimate is available for a fee of $150.

-. Rush restorations are available upon request for an additional fee of 25%

-. To begin restorations 50% of the estimate is required.

-. Balance is to be paid in full and items picked up within 5 business days after notification.

-. For items being mailed, balance is to be paid in full before shipment

-. A $35 fee will be assessed for all returned checks due to cancelation or insufficient funds.

-. Legal action will be taken for any bad check payments not made good in cash within 5

business days.

Care and Precautions Restored Parts.

- Do not wash with hot water

- Do not wash in dishwasher

- Do not apply paint remover


Caution and Healthcare.

Do not use any piece restored to place food or beverages.

(The dishes, plates, cups, trays or any pieces repaired) not to have food to eat.

Cold restorations you varnish is used which may evolve toxic foods and this can affect health.


Is recommended only for decoration.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the materials used contact our workshop.


Shipping Policy

The customer is responsible for shipping and ensuring their Parts and USPS rates. Send label from UPS, FedEx or USPS paid back in the box. If we change the box for security reasons or size extra charges you join your invoice. Refer to the packing and shipping of your provider page for detailed instructions.

Doctor Arts is not responsible for damage of the piece for mishandling its you, or the shipping company responsible.

UPS, FedEx or USPS or other. If you receive consequence the broken piece by shipping or our Studio receive their piece broken by reason shipping.

You must handle the insurance claim of the company in charge of the shipment. We do not return the payment.

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