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​We specialize in the Restoration and Conservation of  Fine Porcelain Ancient Pottery and Art objects

Museum Quality Restoration

Fine Porcelain Repair

Porcelain Restoration & Ceramic Repair Specialists

The processes of restoration of porcelain and ceramics are trying to solve common problems in these parts: Breaks, cracks, stains, chipped edges, wear and tear, or lost somewhere.

After studying the piece organoleptic passes into practical and specific intervention appropriate to their status. Clean, internal consolidation and external linking fragments, reinstatement of lost support, placement of metal pins for more durability and chromatic reintegration of decoration.
As a result we obtain a restoration process invisible to the eye and recovered from the original aesthetics of the object, keeping its antiquity.

Unlike metals or furniture have the advantage of not being altered in time. It's easy to keep a ceramic or porcelain if they are in good condition. By contrast have the drawback of brittleness. Unfortunately in a second you can lose a piece, and is totally fragmented, either of porcelain, earthenware, stoneware, terracotta, etc..

* Terra cotta repair
It’s the most fragile and delicate medium to work with. It is very porous and must be dealt with with extreme care. Often we recommend a simple bonding of the parts. When a client wants the damages to disappear we have the ability to make it all go away. Terra cotta powders are mixed with plaster based fillers to recreated the exact feel of that ancient medium. Most of those pieces were excavated and have heavy traces of their stay in the ground. We can recreate all that.

Ancient Pottery Conservancy

The process of conservation of ancient pottery

At the end of an archaeological excavation, all finds are brought to the pottery conservation laboratories for treatment. The conservator lays the pottery shards and fragments on the designated long tables in consultation with the excavator, while attempting to reconstruct the way they were discovered in the ground. Usually, only objects containing an identifiable rim will be restored, since the shape of the rim determines the type of piece and its date. During the initial sorting of the material from the excavation, the conservator cleans and sorts the thousands of pottery shards into groups of specific piece according to their color, creating piles of shards which will later be attached and glued to create a standalone pottery piece.  Missing parts will sometimes be reconstructed using Plaster of Paris to identify their damage

Pottery Conservation

Art Repair | Professional Service.

Specialists in Restoration and Conservation of Fine Porcelains and Ancient Pottery.

Certified Restorers | Authorized Studio

Specialists in Lladró - Doctor Arts
Lladro Repair

Specialists in Lladró
Authorized Restoration

Specialists in Royal Doulton - Doctor Arts Repair

Specialists in Royal Doulton
Authorized Restoration

Royal Doulton Repair Specialists
Marks Restoration Services - Doctor Arts


We specialize in the restoration and conservation of fine porcelains. Ancient Pottery or your most precious treasure

Art Repair | Professional Service

Sevres Repair
Royal Doulton Repair
Lladr Repair
Ceramic Restoration
Pottery Conservation

Art Repair | Professional Service

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